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The following quotations are from actual clients:

  • "The pressure/technique was the best.  Today's massage was perfect.  You know it's a great massage when you have to peel your eyes open at the end"
  • "Absolutely perfect.  Very smooth and flowing - honestly the best technique I have experienced"
  • "My therapist made me feel very comfortable.  I wanted to take a nap"
  • "Kyle knows what he is doing and is very professional.  At the end when he did my neck it was great.  I feel refreshed"
  • "Kyle's technique is smooth and flowing body part to other body part"
  • "Very fluid almost as if the tissue was melting"
  • "I suffer from severe tension in my back and after the massage I have much greater range of motion"
  • "Perfect throuout.  Wonderful as always very smooth and flowing.  Very nice and professional"
  • "Relaxation at it's best"
  • "I felt comfortable - technique was wonderful.  Asked how I was feeling throughout the session.  Music was nice, atmosphere wonderful.
  • "This was one of the best massages I have had.  He didn't miss an area.  It was relaxing and flowing just like it should be"
  • "Spoke respectfully and professionally explained how he would proceed"
  • "Excellent.  High level of attention to pressure and firmness and adjusted on tender areas.  Very well balanced.  Attention to all muscle groups.  There is nothing I would change.  It was near perfect"
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